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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monster ship

Monster ship that's the menace of Venice: Furious protesters call for ban on huge cruise liner which carries 4,500 people

A visit by the biggest cruise liner to ever enter the Italian lagoon city of Venice sparked anger among campaigners who claimed the ship blocked views and polluted the air. The 140,000 tonne MSC Divinia swept past St Mark's Square on Saturday while protestors on the shoreline waved banners which read 'No Big Ships'.  The liner which can carry more than 4,500 people is named in honour of screen legend Sophia Loren and was christened by the Italian star last month in Marseille. The protesters, who belong to the No Big Ships Venice Committee have written an open letter to Ms Loren calling on her to ditch her endorsement of the monster ship. The group wrote: 'We can't believe that you want your name, which is a legend in Italy and the world, to be associated with a ship that contributes to the destruction of Venice, part of humanity's heritage.

صـــــور : مرور سفينة " الوحش " إلى مدينة البندقية الإيطالية

أكبر سفينة فيي العالم ... تتسع لحوالي 4500 شخص 

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