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Monday, May 28, 2012

No Light – Winner of 1Film 3d Animation Challenge 2011

No Light – Winner of 1Film 3d Animation Challenge 2011-  Video
“No Light” an animation short -represents just few problems where a character daily life has been suffered & unbalanced by power shortage living in a situation in country like Nepal. The character starts his day in no light zone affecting his basic needs from water supply, communication, working environment to entertainment & resulting into sleep deprivation. The constant uncertainty of electric power supply affects all the modern electronic equipment’s which the character rely on & finally destabilizing his daily personal & professional life. The short film “No Light” symbolize how one starts the day having sleepless night in no light zone. Qurien is a design & animation company providing innovative & creative solutions for design & animation. Qurien’s objective is to integrate art & technology to develop computer-animated short films & related products.

بالفيديو : حياتنا اليومية في دقائق
فيلم قصير " لا يوجد ضوء " عبارة عن صور متحركة لحياتنا اليومية في دقائق الحائز على الجائزة الأولى في الأفلام القصيرة والرسوم المتحركة عن العام 2011 ...  إليكم الفيديو 

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