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Monday, May 28, 2012

Dominos Destruction

Man balances 60,000 dominoes just to knock them down
60,000 Dominos Destruction-  Video
As with many things in life, if you are going to do it then you might as well go large! And going large is exactly what this guy has done. This is a time lapse video of YouTuber FlippyCat building sixty 990 piece domino walls and then knocking them down. Ok, so maybe the title was a little misleading. There are a couple of things to note here, 65hours work for a 10second pay-off - I think it is worth it. Secondly, anyone else notice the whole t-shirt matching the colour of the wall he is currently building. I think that in its self is a feat. Another thing that sprung to mind, I wonder how long it'll take to sort those boxes of mixed colours out at the end? Cleverly he uses a plastic wall to protect the other walls from the one that he is currently working on.

بالفيديو : أرقــــــام قـيــاســيــة

تم بناء عدة حيطان بإرتفاع 12 قدم من 60 ألف و 990 قطعة من دومينوز هذه في 65.5 ساعة (رقم قياسي شخصي) لكن تم هدمها في 12 ثانية 

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