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Friday, November 4, 2011

Stunning Pictures

Mirror On The Landscape: Stunning Pictures Of Britain's Glorious Countryside
Glistening in perfect symmetry these breathtaking pictures may look digitally enhanced but they are in fact autumnal Britain in its natural glory. Amateur photographer and keen walker Roger Merrifield, 45, has spent the past few weeks collating this stunning series of mirrored landscapes from the Yorkshire Dales to the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. Mr Merrifield, originally from Burnley in Lancashire, has spent many years walking in the north of Britain pursuing his love of the great outdoors.
إنـعـكــــاســــات رائـــعــــــــة
صــــــــور مـذهـــلـة مـن الـريــــف الـبـريـطـانـي

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