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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Most Dangerous Cats

Would you play fetch with a LION? The brave couple who take Africa’s most dangerous cats for walkies

This is the fearless couple who take some of Africa's most dangerous big cats out for a walk.Adalberto Mangini, 51, and Laura Bongiorni, 50, stroll, cuddle and even play fetch with lions and cheetahs at The Mukini Big 5 Centre in Zambia.The lethal predators are part of a breeding programme in and will eventually be released into the wild.But despite the seemingly imminent danger, the couple have no problem hanging out with some of nature's deadliest creatures.Two of the cheetahs pictured in this walk were just days from being released back into the wild to fend for themselves.
 Sales manager Adalberto from Milan, Italy, said: 'Even creatures considered by most people as very wild and dangerous can be approached if it is done in the correct way.'Do not show any fear as they can feel it; make sure you respect them; touch them in the right place and talk to them, always - they will soon learn to recognise your voice.'We found that cheetahs are easier to approach during the time you stay with them. They are competitive and love to win - and like humans, each of them has a distinctive personality.'He is pictured letting a cheetah lick his face and drink water from his hands while Laura is shown sitting nonchalantly in the middle of four powerful lions.
Mr Mangini added: 'But even when you feel ready, always keep an eye on each of them and never show your back. You must always be careful and quiet with no sudden, fast movements.' As part of the breeding programme, cheetahs are taught to use their explosive hunting speed by chasing a raw chicken on a zip-wire in a special 'Run Facility'. Once ready, the animals are released into management areas where they can breed without human interference and raise their cubs until they are old enough to be safely relocated. Cheetahs are the most vulnerable of the big cats and have become endangered throughout their habitat because of loss of habitat and reduced numbers of prey.

 Would you play fetch with a LION?

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