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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Food Carving Art

Delicious Examples of Food Carving Art
Ilian Iliev began his career in photography as a news photographer before moving to London and beginning a career in commercial photography. After a stint assisting several advertising photographers, Ilian went on to develop his own unique style, balancing commercial appeal with an artistic eye. Ilian now has over 10 year’s experience working in studio and location settings specialising in food and drink, still life and product photography. A passionate and talented cook himself, the enjoyment Ilian takes from food and drink shines through in his images. Take a look at the web portfolio www.ilian.co.uk to see more of his stunning work. In the series below titled Carving, Ilian shows his mastery of food photography. Unfortunately the Sifter was unable to determine if it was Ilian himself who did the food carving or if an outside artist was used. Regardless, the images are fantastic and the food carving is top notch.

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