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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amazing Sculptures

Amazing Sculptures That Emerge from Walls
Matteo Pugliese is an incredible artist from Milan who specialized in sculpture. During his youth he developed a strong love for drawing and sculpture and continued his art work without any formal education. After finishing his secondary school studies in classics in Cagliari, he attended university in Milan. In 1995 he was awarded his degree in Modern literature at the University of Milan with a graduation thesis on Art criticism. Encouraged by friends, in 2001, he organised and financed his first solo exhibition renting private exhibition space in the centre of Milan. 18 months later he held his first “official” exhibition in a gallery in Brera, Milan, and a second exhibition in Brussels three months later. Today his works are on permanent display in galleries in Italy and major cities such as: Rome, Hong Kong, London, Brussels, Lugano and The Hague. His works have also appeared at prominent fairs such as the Hong Kong Art Fair (Hong Kong), ArtFirst (Bologna), Miart (Milan), Arco (Madrid) and Fiac (Paris). In his ongoing series entitled ‘Extra Moenia‘, Matteo has completed nearly 100 incredible sculptures that appear to emerge and sink into the walls they adorn. The sculptures show the beautiful human body in a variety of poses.

بالصور : منحوتات مدهشة خارجة من الجدران

ماتيو بوغليس هو فنان متميز في فن النحت من ميلان  . خلال شبابه طور حبه القوي  للرسم والنحت،  علماً بأنه لم يدرس الفنون الجميلة بل تخصصه دراسات عليا في الأدب وفن النقد الأدبي , لكن حبه لفن النحت كان أقوى فقام بتصميم منحوتات رائعة خارجة من الجدران وكأنها حقيقية , فقد قام ماتيو وعلى حسابه الشخصى بعمل معرض لأعماله حيث إستأجر مساحة في وسط ميلانو لعرض أعماله الفنية , وقد أصبحت أعماله مشهورة على مستوى العالم ... أترككم مع الصور لتتحدث عن نفسها 

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