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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Audi Urban

Audi Urban Concept Released Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut

Some days back, Audi released teaser sketches of its Urban Concept city car. The sketches teased a Sportback and a Spyder variant of the concept. And now, the automaker has released the real pictures of this concept in both variants. As revealed by the teaser sketches, the two siblings are almost similar. The primary difference between the two variants is the roof, one being a hardtop model and the other being a roofless one. And also, significant difference can be spotted probably in the windshield and also in the retracting side-door windows. According to Audi, the Urban Concept is not based on any previous model. The design is oriented on lightweight construction and efficiency. The car has an unconventional 1+1 seating arrangement. The seats are slightly staggered and everything in the interior, including controls and materials are of ultra-lightweight construction. The steering wheel and the pedals can be adjusted by the driver according to his own body measurements. In the exterior, the concept sports Audi’s corporate grills at the front end in both the variants. The concept features LED lights at various positions in the exterior. One of the characteristics of the Spyder variant will be low, continuous window area and doors opening diagonally to the top. Both the variants seat on 21 inch wheels. As for the powertrain, both the variants will be driven by two e-tron electric motors. Energy is supplied by a lithium-ion battery. Audi has claimed that the curb weight is less than 500 kg for this concept. With the open wheels design, it is very unlikely that this concept will enter the production stage. But some future models may derive their styling cue from this concept. More will be revealed at the Frankfurt debut.

بالصـــور.. شـــاهــدوا سـيـارة اودي أوربـان الرهيبة
أودي أوربان النموذجية وهي، كما يشير اسمها، سيارة مخصصة للمدن المزدحمة كونها تمتاز بوزنها الخفيف بالاعتماد على تقنية ألترا-لايت وبأنها مزودة بمقعدين منفصلين 1+1. وتتمتع أودي اوربان النموذجية بقدرتها على توفير تجربة قيادة فريدة تجمع بين تأدية سيارات السباق، تألق سيارات الرودستر، بالإضافة إلى متعة قيادة السيارات الصغيرة، كل هذا ضمن سيارة نموذجية واحدة، من أهم مميزات أودي أوربان النموذجية التصميمية هي عجلاتها المنفردة التي تتمتع برفاريف حماية تندمج معها مصابيح ال إي دي مشعّة على شكل أوتاد متناسقة، تتسع لشخصين بوضعية رياضية منخفضة، كما روعي الاعتماد على مفهوم الوزن الفائق الخفة أيضاً لناحية المواد ومفاتيح التحكم.

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