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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weave never seen anything like it

Weave never seen anything like it: Artist who paints like other people knit

These amazing portraits may look as if they have been woven by hand - in fact they have been painstakingly painted by artist Alexi Torres. He creates the works by building up minute details of intertwined strands to create the features of famous faces such as Mick Jagger, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Oprah Winfrey before painting them on to canvas. The Cuban-born artist works on five canvas at the same time, with each one taking approximately six to eight weeks to complete. He says his work represents the weaving of incidents in history and how they affect each other. Mr Torres, who is now based in Atlanta, Georgia, explains: ‘My works are an answer to my own appreciation of Earth's needs. I reconstruct iconic images that represent both classic and modern times from all branches of human development, including the arts, politics, science, education and military.’ He builds up these images by painting elements from nature, such as leaves, weaving and feathers. ‘The intricate patterns and details in the paintings show the fulfillment that we find in basic organic elements; on how we are all interconnected with each other, in a spiritual and physical level.,’ he says. Mr Torres aims to recreate well known images with a fresh and direct message. ‘The past influences the present and the present influences the future. We need each other to evolve with the universe. I want to fill the connection of nature in my works,’ he adds.

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