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Friday, February 3, 2012

A riot Of Colour

A riot of colour : Shortlist for Sony World Photography awards provides a real challenge for the eye
From a smartly-dressed man on the London underground, to dragonflies and a surfer riding a wave at sunset, these are the stunning images all vying for top spot in the world's top photography competition. The shortlisted images in this year's Sony World Photography Awards have been unveiled, and as usual include a spectacular array of colours and subjects from around the globe. The collection of pictures on this year's list features everything from historic moments and spectacular landscapes to everyday portraits and detailed close-ups. The 2012 competition saw 112,000 entries sent in from 171 different countries. Different categories in the competition reflect the huge breadth of locations, styles, and subjects used in the shortlisted photographs. In one mesmerising image, a folk painter seems to almost blend in to her artwork on display while working at a handicraft fair in Kolkata, India. Another eye-catching picture shows a small child playing in a swing chair in Northern Xinjiang, China

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